The VanAir Vented Door

The VanAir Vented Door is an advanced interior door that provides ventilation without sacrificing visual and acoustic privacy. The VanAir Vented Door was designed to promote indoor environmental quality.

Air flows from one side, through the door core and out the opposing side. Air flow is driven by pressure differential.

Integrated Sound Attenuation

Ventilation pathways are notorious for transmitting sound. However, the VanAir Vented Door features acoustical baffles and Helmholtz resonator constructions tuned to attenuate specific frequencies, providing you with the privacy you would expect with the door closed.

Easily Create Airflow Pathways

Create airflow pathways without the complexity of modifying ceilings and walls to accept ducting, vents and grilles. The VanAir Door is designed to fit standard 1-3/4" and 1-3/8" door openings. Suitable for hinged, pocket, double door, and sliding applications. It accepts all types of hardware, closers, drops, and sweeps.

Avoid Undercutting Doors

Undercuts are mandatory in building and are specified to alleviate pressure build up. However they underperform in ventilation, sound privacy and aesthetics. By providing airflow through the core of the VanAir Vented Door, the bottom of the door can be installed tighter to the floor for better privacy and aesthetics.

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