A fresh idea for air

Let your space breathe with the VanAir Vented Door. VanAir Vented Doors feature an iconic linear ventilation slot that enables ventilation without the need to specify unsightly vents and grilles.


Easily ventilate spaces

The VanAir Vented Door is an advanced interior door that provides ventilation without sacrificing visual and acoustic privacy. The VanAir Vented Door was designed to promote indoor environmental quality.

Air flows from one side, through the door core and out the opposing side. Air flow is driven by pressure differential.


Integrated sound attenuation

Ventilation pathways are notorious for transmitting sound. However, the VanAir Vented Door features acoustical baffles and Helmholtz resonator constructions tuned to attenuate specific frequencies, providing you with the privacy you would expect with the door closed.


Made in North America

VanAir Design and Lynden Door together collaborated on a line of innovative interior doors to create a door that does more than separate spaces. Leveraging Lynden Door's leadership in manufacturing and distribution with VanAir Design's patented and award-winning design, the VanAir Door will complement your next project no matter the size.

Elegant ventilation design

Developed from the ground up in building science labs, the VanAir Door is sleek and its ventilation slot follows the vertical lines of the door, distinctly separating it from traditional solutions. We are honoured to be celebrated by the design community.

2017 Architizer A+ Awards Special Mention

2014 Interior Design Show West Design Winner

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