Because fresh air matters

The VanAir Door provides passive ventilation to improve indoor air quality. It allows air to move freely and discreetly even when doors are closed.

Why ventilation matters

Modern buildings employ air-tight building envelopes to reduce heat and energy losses. The move towards more energy efficient homes and increased airtightness raises concern about Indoor Air Quality and its effects of heath. The average home can be up to five times more polluted indoors than outdoors.

Tighter building enclosures combined with inadequate circulation can elevate common pollutants like fine particulate, volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide, odors, gases, mold and mildew.

Modern ventilation systems dilute pollutants by supplying fresh outdoor air into bedrooms and living spaces. Used stale air is displaced and exhausted from washrooms and the kitchen through air returns. Keeping air flowing from supply to return air is important to ensure adequate Indoor Air Quality.

Dedicated ventilation pathways like the VanAir Door can keep air flowing even when doors are closed.

The shift towards more energy efficient buildings and increased air-tightness raises concern about its effects of heath.

Tighter building enclosures combined with inadequate circulation can elevate
common pollutants.

The build-up of pollutants can make the average home up to five times more polluted indoors than outdoors.

Ventilate glamorously

Save time and money by creating air pathways without the complexity of modifying ceilings and walls to accept ducting, vents and grilles.

While undercuts are an easy solution, they underperform when it comes to ventilation, sound privacy and aesthetics. With VanAir there are no compromises!

Manage humidity.

Increasing airflow into washrooms can prevent build up of unwanted humidity and moisture. This stops condensation on surfaces, lowering the chance of mold and bacteria growth.

Keep air flowing.

Closed doors create a barrier between rooms, unbalancing pressure and reducing circulation. This lowers comfort and elevates pollutants. VanAir keeps air flowing even when doors are closed.

Louver in disguise.

Laundry appliances need ventilation to prevent heat and humidity build up while in operation. Avoid the obvious laundry closet look of conventional louvers and grilles.

Reduce stale air

We spend the majority of our time indoors in our bedrooms and at work. As a result, the carbon dioxide (CO2) we produce can build up to an uncomfortable level if there is not adequate air circulation. CO2 in excess can affect our respiratory health and cause sleep and breathing disorders.

VanAir doors provide an air pathway to promote circulation. This helps to reduce the amount of CO2 and other contaminants in the air. Compared to a regular door, VanAir doors have been shown to reduce the CO2 build up of one person sleeping at night by 20%.

Manage humidity

Managing humidity in your home is important for the health of your family and your home. Simple tasks like doing laundry, showering and cooking release water vapour into the air that can condense into liquid droplets on surfaces. This build up is an ideal condition for bacteria and mold.

Exhaust fans manage humidity, but closed doors can make it difficult to get enough make-up air. Airflow becomes bottlenecked at gaps and cracks, outlets, lighting fixtures and door undercuts. By providing a dedicated air pathway, VanAir doors have been shown to reduce humidity by 20% immediately after a shower compared to a regular door.

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